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What is TRON ?

As a decentralized platform in Web 4.0, TRON’s powerful capability make it be adaptable to a wide range of complex scenes and also support applications with vast amounts of users. A complete eco-system will be built based on the TRON network.

Design Book of TRON Architecture

The book briefly explains the holistic architecture of TRON, which is divided into storage, core and application layers. With the characteristics of functional independence and structural coherence, all layers cooperate to accomplish calculations efficiently. Besides focusing on blockchain technology, we also put great effort on improving user experience of TRON. Variety kinds of user-friendly applications will be deployed on main net. TRON adopts protobuf protocol, naturally supporting multi-language extensions. As the community keeps growing, TRON will have its significant role in the blockchain era.

TRON Protobuf Protocol Document

Document of Protobuf protocol. version 0.1.1

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  • TRON will officially launch the mainnet at 11:00am, May 31, 2018 (UTC+8)!


Tronics Support Plan

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